My Day With The Kiddos

As I previously said in my introduction posts I have four boys. My oldest son I had when I was sixteen the middle of tenth grade. My middle son I had at age twenty-four and my twins just seven months ago. While in my early thirties. I have lots of age gaps between my boys. I honestly cannot imagine having done it any other way. Currently I am running on fumes, coffee and chaos. Mornings in my house start at about 5:15 a.m. and start to return to normal once my middle son is at school and it is me and the twins alone.

From that time until my husband gets home from work I swear I am occasionally on autopilot. Ideally both boys would eat, nap and poop at the same time but….. No such luck for me. SO when one is asleep the other is awake and so on. You get what I am trying to say. Have I mentioned during all of this I am trying to figure out what to cook and when to cook dinner. I am definitely not complaining, just simply giving an idea of my day. After school ends, my husband is doing homework with our middle son and picking up our oldest at basketball practice. While I cook babies are in their high chairs or with dad. Definitely lots of teamwork going on. By bed time I can barely keep my head up and neither can he.

Getting To Know Me

I have so much to say and have no clue where to start. I am a mother of 4 boys. I am “winging” almost everything. When it comes to juggling my children, work and husband. I also have lots to say about being a parent in my teens, twenties and now in my thirties. I learn something new everyday about myself, children and husband. Ok. Enough of that. I am also still trying to find that perfect balance in life and all of that jazz. Slowly but surely one hectic day at a time I’m getting there.

What to talk about?

Motherhood, I know I know. There are tons of blogs about this topic. It is one of the best and scariest things that has ever happened to me. I have developed a great respect for everything my mother went through raising me and my sister. It could not have been easy on her. Just like it is certainly not easy on me.
I have 4 boys and day to day my patience is constantly being tested. I am outnumbered! They range in age from 15 years old through 7 months. I am also a first time twin mom. I have developed lots of special tricks when it comes to stretching food, buying baby products, budgeting and venting. 

Just a little more about myself! Thanks for stopping by. 🖑