Waste Not Want Not

I have these two sweet little cats that come to visit in my backyard. They love to go through our trash cans for food. I currently have two cats we rescued. It breaks my heart to see such small cats without a home. It is impossible for me to take them in. So I stalk and feed them every chance I get. (Chuckles) My husband and bigger kids think I am nuts. I peek out our back window at them every chance I get and hope they are out there. They do come around just about everyday. There are even some bigger cats that come when they do not. With the cold weather I do not see them as often. I have been freezing leftovers and putting them out for the kitties.


Any meats that do not get eaten get put out. Kind of like my version of eliminating leftovers. The cats love it. I love to watch them eat. Makes me feel like I am looking out for them. What must my neighbors think? Crazy cat stalker lady? Possibly….. The stray cat thing has been an issue for the past couple years in my neighborhood. That is how I got one of the two cats I rescued. They have so many spots to hid in and around our backyards. I guess until they stop coming I will stop putting leftovers out. I will definitely continue to window stalk these cats. A little something for my fellow cat lover or animal lovers.

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